In order to protect our clients’ personal data and to be faithful to our beliefs of trust
we are not presenting their cases in public, just to advertise our expertise and services


Our corporate clients are mainly banks, commercial companies, catering businesses and businesses that deal with the arts and the media, construction companies, tourist businesses, foundations, bequests etc., and they come to us for comprehensive and integrated legal solutions on issues of all legal sectors even in the most complex transactions.

Half of our cases are private clients and deal mainly with family and inheritance law matters, pension employment and insurance law matters, real estate, the formation of any legal form of company, criminal law cases, banking, financial settlements and disputes, caw accidents, house holding debt cases, collection and debt recovery proceeding etc.

During the last years our company has been representing foreign clients who are interested in acquiring property and assets in Greece, but also Greeks who reside and work abroad and trust us to manage their property, taxation finances and family matters.